In today’s world of information technology and expertise, numerous companies are emerging and are growing in faster pace. Bits and Bytes is one such emerging IT company which provides support, repair and offer web design services in Geraldton, WA. This is established by Lindsay O’Hagan for offering the best service to all the clients in a friendly and more reliable manner.

Resolving your computer issues

We, Bits and Bytes do our utmost best in giving you the best service achievable with utmost attitude, knowledge and expertise which brings in no more issues in your computer. We are one among the best in caring about care about what you want and get. We guarantee that we will resolve any kind of computer issue you face or no cost. Contact us and your system issue will be resolved in no time.

Problem solving steps.


Services offered by us.

We offer services in our home office in Geraldton or on site without any charge for call out. In case, if the service could not be completed on site, there is usually a free of cost pickup and delivery of the systems. We offer exceptional services like upgrades, repairs and troubleshooting of all software and hardware of the business as well as personal computers. We also offer services in designing the websites for individuals and company either for personal or business use. Some of the major services offered by Bits and Bytes are as follows


  • Complete PC troubleshooting
  • Networking
  • Laptop repairs
  • Information/ Data backups
  • Custom Built systems
  • Cable installation and setup



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