How-To: Keep Your Computer Running Smoothly

It happens to all of us, computers break down, slow down or just perform unusually. Today i am here to write for you tips to keep your computer running smoothly, error free and running to optimal performance. Okay if you follow these tips it is not guaranteed to eliminate all issues but it will definitely noticeably help. People (like me often) run their computer near 24/7 out of habit and/or because they run programs awhile away from keyboard, i.e. downloading, virus scanning or video rendering. Anyways let’s get to it.

1. Update, Update oh and did i mention Update?

Update all system software, while you are at it update it all and keep it that way. Including all windows updates, virus scanners, internet browsers and software you regularly use. This will keep your computer up to date with the latest security and optimization programming. To make this easier ‘most’ software comes built-in with an auto download feature to remove the need to constantly check.

2. Install and update all software for your hardware devices.

Ensure all your hardware within your computer has the required device software installed such as the video card, without the software the display may not perform how it is intended to thus slowing or glitching the whole or part of the system.

3. Schedule time to system scan.

Scanning your system for virus’s, mal-ware and system errors is crucial. left forgotten will open the system up to attacks and/or stun the system performance, a simple virus, mal-ware, defrag and system file scan can drastically improve the performance of your system.

4. Clean Hardware

Hardware inside the computer gathers dust over time, left unmonitored and uncleaned can cause serious damage to your system preventing airflow or movement of parts making it absolutely crucial you do not leave it to get out of hand as it could cost a pretty penny to fix.

(If you are not comfortable opening your computer up, do not attempt this).

5. Minimize start-up programs.

If you do not need the software open at all times close it and remove it from starting on boot up not only decreases the boot up speed but increases the speed your system runs.

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